Some Samsung Mini NX Reviews

A couple of online sites have posted quick reviews of the tiny lens interchangeable CSC from Samsung the Samsung Mini NX, a really small camera that utilises a new 20mp 1″ sensor. This new mini marvel is due to take on the market leader in high end large sensor compacts, the Sony RX100Mk2 as well as offering a possible alternative to both the Nikon 1 V3 & Panasonic’s m43rd equipped  GM1?
NX Mini
From Pocket-lint:
For   Stills and video quality, build quality, It’s cute, small lens system, Responsive touchscreen,Keenly priced
Against  We’d happily swap the selfie feature for a more versatile screen hinge, We miss the iFN lens features, New lens system is risky


From Digital Trends:
“Samsung gets the cheers for designing an incredibly small interchangeable lens camera, and it’ll fill a niche with select customers, especially the selfie generation. Photographically, it isn’t strong enough to replace cameras with larger sensors”.


My Take:
If you want a small lens interchangeable camera system, look at the Panasonic GM1, whilst its slighter bigger than the Samsung Mini NX, the GM1 is superior and offers access to a much more extensive lens range. If you want a high performing fixed lens compact, you’d be wise to look at the Sony RX100 Mk2 / 3.


May 2014



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