Why the Canon EOS 650D is a significant release

I’ve been asked a few times in the last week or so if I thought the recently announced Canon EOS 650D would be a sensible buy for someone coming into the DSLR world for the first time.

As both a Canon EOS 7D and elderly EOS 500D owner I’ll try not to be too partisan in my initial assessment of the EOS 650D.I have read a few reviews of the camera of late and have come to realise that the 650D whilst initially appearing to simply be a minor tweak of the Canon EOS 600D is actually probably a more symbolically significant development for Canon than first appears.

For starters its a bold move to follow the likes of  the compact camera systems by introducing touch screen capacity. No longer is such a capacity being viewed as a gimmick or lazy. I regularly use the touch screen capacity on my own OMD EM5 and at times it is a genuinely useful feature. To have a touch screen capacity on a fully articulated high res 3″ screen twinned with the new hybrid AF system designed to improve live view performance can only be a good thing especially for those upgrading from a compact camera or users wishing to experiment with video. The 650D has a faster frame rate (courtesy of the newer DIGIC 5 processor) and as a consequence users will be able employ HDR techniques or use muliti shot noise reduction capture, again both helpful features.

Canon is also clearly trying to woo budding videographers out there (and no doubt compete with Sony’s DSLT’s) with the release of the new STM lenses designed to work in unison with the 650D’s new hybrid AF system. This new capacity will appeal to those who maybe haven’t previous considered using a DSLR for video capture. The EOS 650D will no doubt mirror the 600D in the image stakes (no bad thing) so add the additional features mentioned and the Canon 650D is by my reckoning actually quite a significant camera and worth serious consideration if you want to dip your toes into the world of DSLR’s.

Mark Baynham (August 2012)

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