Will the Panasonic FZ200 regain its crown?

Panasonic recently announced the upgrade to its successful FZ150 bridge camera the unsurprisingly titled FZ200.

On the face of it the newer FZ200 doesn’t appear very different from its predecessor and to some extent that’s no bad thing as the FZ150 had some core strengths that made it on of the most capable bridge cameras out there. So what does the FZ200 bring to the table? Well the standout feature must be the a constant F2.8 Leica lens covering a 24X focal length of 25-600mm. To be able to shoot at 600mm equivalent wide open at F2.8 is something special, presently unmatched by any rival models and certainly improves further the versatility of the FZ range. I can see a lot of potential buyers being wooed by this impressive lens. The presence of such an optic demonstrates that Panasonic is serious in giving the more discerning bridge camera user the sort of optic many have craved for.

Mark Baynham  (August 2012)

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