Olympus to introduce a new MFT Sensor?

Olympus 3D Stacked Sensor on its way?
There are rumours circulating that unlike Panasonic’s recent adoption of a new Sony derived 20mp  Fout Third (FT) Sensor, Olympus will instead use a revolutionary 16mp 3D stacked sensor with a global shutter mechanism in future models, including the OMD EM1 II or EM2 which should break cover around January.
The suggested advantages of this new mechanism includes:
Higher image quality from a less populated 16mp sensor, no artefacts and no rolling shutter artefacts.
Previous Olympus has also claimed extreme frame rates capture by the new mechanism meaning the 16mp sensor will be able to produce handheld High Res images  without concerns of recording movement ( at the moment the current high res shot mode in the EM5 II is only suitable for static scenes and is best used in conjunction with a tripod)
One presumes high speed multi frame capture would also allow several images to be combined to improve the dynamic range of the captured image via an in-camera  HDR process not mention a capacity for multi shot noise cancelling capture?
Although  Panasonic’s new 20mp FT third sensor performs admirably the new 3D stacked sensor from Olympus promises to be far more revolutionary and it’s a very exciting concept indeed.
October 2015


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