Canon Powershot G5X Test Images

This week I’ve been testing the Canon Powershot G5X compact, Canon’s 20mp 1″ equipped compact with a built in EVF, articulated touch screen and 25-100mm f1.8-2.8 ( equivilent) fixed zoom.

Ahead of my review here’s some images taken with the Canon G5X:

Big Ben View (3) (London) Cropped (Canon PowerShot G5X Compact) (DD)

George 4th Pub - Holborn (3) London (Canon PowerShot G5X Compact) (DD)

On Patrol ( MPS Marine Unit - River Thames) (London) (Canon PowerShot G5X Compact) (DD)

Shapes - Brick Building (Holborn)  London (Canon PowerShot G5X Compact) (DD)

Mark Baynham ( Jukly 2016)

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