Canon Powershot G5X: More than a tweak

User Review : Canon PowerShot G5X Compact

Canon PowerShot G5 X

This week I’ve been having a play with the Canon Powershot G5X a 20mp 1″ equipped compact with a useful 25-100mm f1.8-2.8 (equivilent) fixed zoom lens an articulated touch screen and a built in high res EVF.

Canon PowerShot G5 X

Now many (me included) saw or sees the G5X as essentially a Canon Powershot G7X but sporting a built in EVF and as such maybe not that exciting as the G7X has always played second fiddle to the Somny RRX100 III / IV. Its clear that the inclusion of an EVF means the new Canon is designed and intended to go head to head with the 20mp 1″ EVF equipped Sony RX100 IV.

Canon PowerShot G5 X

Well whilst its certain the G5X has the Sony RX100 IV in its sights in real world testing the Canon G5X proved to be a lot more than a simple tweak of the G7X and in fact proved not only to be a far more enjoyable camera to use over the G7X ( a camera I have also tested) but also a more rewarding camera over the Sony RX100 IV which suprised me.

Sure at its cores it has many of the inners of the G7X but that still means excellent image quality, good metering plus a whole raft of features and capacity. No what transforms the user experience is the EVF, its physical position (ie square on top of the camera body) and the presence of an articulated touch screen.

Glass of Beer ( as seen through a window) (London) Cropped Canon PowerShot G5X Compact) (DD)  Beer Pump ( The Harp Pub - Charing Cross) (London) (Canon PowerShot G5X Compact) (DD)

Yes this means the new G5X is physically a litte bigger than  the G7X ( and the RX100IV) but this slight increase in size also allows some button- dial rearrangement / addition and these changes vastly improves the handling experience.

No, the G5X is much more than a simple tweak of the G7X and its an excellent carry any time high end compact that can and does  deliver the goods.

Leaf (Up Close) (Canon PowerShot G5X Compact) (DD)

Better than a Sony RX100 IV? Well if not better its definately better handling and probably ultimately more rewarding?

Street Performer - Westminster) (London) Cross Processs Effect (Canon PowerShot G5X Compact) (DD)

Its true the G5X lacks 4K video and yes its zoom lens is nowhere near as long or extensive as the 1″ compact travel zoom the Panasonic TZ100. Howver for me I prefer a shorter but “faster” lens and I have yet to shoot or embrace 4K video so these are not determining factors. Bottom line the G5X is a very good standalone camera that may well appeal to the more traditional photographers.

Preparing Prawn - Seafood Ouzo (with asparagus & Mushrooms) (High ISO) Canon PowerShot G5X Compact (DD)

So to conclude: If you seek a small high performing compact don’t just automatically turn to the Sony RX100 IV ( as I would have done) take a look at the Canon G5X but more importantly physically play with one because that simple act may just make you change your mind.

Mark Baynham ( July 2016)


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