Fuji X70 goes to Greece

Last month I spent 3 weeks on the North-East Aegean Island of Lemnos (sometimes written as Limnos) but what cmamera gear to take? Well I decided to travel light so I took my Olympus OM-D EM5II and four “Pro” lenses ( 3 zooms and one fisheye prime) but I also packed my Fuji X70 compact and newly purchased 21mm wide lens adaptor.

So could I have got away with simply the Fuji X70? Probably not but the Fuji X70 performed very well and although both the 28mm & 21mm focal lengths I had to hand at times proved a bit limiting such limitation did force a more creative / thoughtful approach to my photography.

Here’s some Pics:

(Fuji X70 28mm f2.8 Compact) (DD)

Lemnos Coastline (Between Myrina - Platy) Fuji X70 Compact

Fishing Boat at Sunset - Myrina Harbour (Lemnos - Greece) (Fuji X70 28mm f2.8 Compact)

Lovely (BW) ( Selfie) Fuji X70 Compact (DD)

The Lemnos - Limnos Coastline (Fuji X70 with 21mm lens adaptor) (DD)

Town Harbour - Myrina on Lemnos (Greece) (Fuji X70 & 21mm Wide Lens Adaptor) (1 of 1)

Tree - Church - Myrina Town (Lemnos - Greece) (Fuji X70 28mm f2.8 Compact) (1 of 1)


Playing backgamon ( Blue Waves Cafe Bar - Myrina) (Cross Process Effect) Fujifilm X70 Compact (DD)

Mark Baynham ( July 2016)

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