Can a camera -phone be any good?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge : Decent phone & excellent camera.

First a confession. Previously I have never really used the camera facility on any of my android Samsung smart phones.

However I recently to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and when I took the trouble to read some online reviews all commented on the quality of the S7’s camera which consists of a f1.7 lens in front of a 12mp dual pixel sensor.

Then I realised the phone allows RAW capture via DNG format and my attention was drawn.

So I’ve actually taken some “snaps”with the S7 Edge and I am impressed.

So in the real world can the camera module in the S7 Edge replace a “proper / real” camera ” ? Well the answer is YES in quite a few circumstances. Using free apps one can truly get very acceptable results and here’s some 2 examples to prove it.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

Cross Processed Flowers (Samsung Galaxy S7 ) (DD)

Norwich Cathedral (Samsung S7) (DD)

Flower (1) (Samsung Galaxy S7 ) (DD)

Its no wonder the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge won an EISA award recently.

Mark Baynham



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