New Panasonic LX15 is not a LX100 update

Panasonic LX15: Not what we thought it would be

In the next day or so Panasonic will announce the Panasonic LX15 a compact camera that many thought would be a replacement /update for the current LX100 but this now appears not to be the case.

Leaked pictures and spec’s reveal that the LX15 is in fact intended to be a far more natural rival to the current Sony RX100 IV  than the LX100 ever was.

In effect the LX15 is a spirital replacement to the much loved LX7 and in doing so owners of the LX5 or even older LX3 (which includes me) will be delighted.

The LX100 is a cracking camera ( I also have one) but its far from petite and those seeking a small high end compact tended to go for the Sony RX100 models.

Yes the LX15 will sport a 20mp sensor but its a 1-Inch sensor and not a four third (FT) sensor.

The LX15 is said to have a super fast but only x3 optical zoom in the form of a Leica Summilux f1.4- 2.8 24-72mm (equivalent) lens again very LX7’ish.

However although clearly intended to do battle against the Sony RX100 IV the LX15 doesn’t have a built in EVF so the cameras will different considerably in that respect.

So it looks like the LX15 will be a neat, high end compact model sporting the proven 20mp 1-Inch sensor with a fast but limited high quality x3 zoom.

Many LX5 and LX7 owners will be well pleased because they never really saw the more bulky LX100 as a sucessor to their models.

I supect if Panasonic wishes to keep LX100 alive it will eventually be updated (with a 20mp four third sensor)  but not for at least  8-9 months.

Mark Baynham (September 2016)




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