New Fuji CSC’s coming early in 2017?

It would seem Fuji has registered two model designations in some far flung land which hints to two new Fuji mirrorless “X” cameras coming our way in the near (ish) future?

I’ll have a pint theses new models will likely be a new¬† X100 model rumoured to be designated the X100F and an update to the current X-T10 probably to be designated the X-T20?

One doesn’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure out they are both most likely to use the 24mp Trans “X” sensor as found in the X-Pro 2 and the more recent X-T2?

I doubt Fuji will mess too much with most of the the latest X100 model’s core specs, so expect the same fixed prime lens and clever optical /electrical viewfinder in the X100F?

Improved resolution and AF performance via Fuji’s latest 23mp APS-C sensor will be the main improvements in the forth coming X100 model although I’d love to see the introduction of an articulated touch-screen?

Not long to wait, expect an official announcement within 2 months or so?

Mark Baynham ( November 2016)

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