Pragmatic Choice : The Panasonic Lumix FZ2000

Panasonic Lumix FZ2000 Review:

Great all-in-one infusion of still & video capacity

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2000 Review Image

On-line review site Cameralabs has published a detailed review of Panasonic’s high end enthusiast bridge / superzoom, the Panasonic Lumix FZ2000, a considerable update to the well received FZ1000 and a natural rival to Sony’s mega expensive high-end Superzoom the Sony RX10 III.

The Panasonic Lumix FZ2000 is DSLR-styled super-zoom camera sporting a 20x / 24-480mm f2.8-4.5 range lens (with internal zooming), a 1-inch 20 Megapixel sensor, large EVF (2.4M dot, 0.74x magnification), fully-articulated 3″ touchscreen as well as a wealth of pro movie options which includes unlimited 4k recording in UHD or Cinema 4k. In fact the FZ2000’s video capacity is as good in many ways as Panasonic top end M43 CSC camera the GH4.

Intended to act as an all in one solution for those wishing to have combined photo / video capacity, the FZ2000 could represent as much camera as many will ever require. The 20mp 1-inch sensor has proved itself in the image quality department and the new camera has a shed load of features, scene modes and the like which combine to form a hell o a spec list.

Realistically only the considerably more expensive Sony RX10 III can match or “beat” the FZ2000 in some areas ( ie it has a longer “faster” lens, produces slightly more “crisp” images and is weather sealed).

So what did Cameralabs think?

From Cameralabs:

Good points
20x lens range with internal zooming.
Built-in 2, 4 and 6 stop ND filter.
5-speed smooth, stable, slow zooming.
Articulated touch-screen.
Cinema 4k and UHD video modes.
Headphone jack.
4k Photo modes including focus stacking.

Bad points
Poor battery life and can’t be charged in-camera over USB.
No weather sealing.
4k movies and 4k Photo employ a fairly tight crop.
Results not as crisp as Sony RX10 III.

“With so many enhancements and improvements though, it’s hard not to enthuse over the Lumix FZ2000 / FZ2500 which packs in a huge range of features at a very competitive price. As a high-end camera I do wish it had weather-sealing, but it doesn’t hold it back from earning a Recommended award”.

My Take:

Its a no brainer that Sony’s Cyber-Shot RX10 III is the best bridge camera – superzoom on the market, however its also by far the most expensive one and by some margin.

The new Panasonic FZ2000 is 90% the RX10 III but at a considerably lower cost.

To my mind unless you absloutely require a weather sealed body, or absolutely require a 25x zoom lens as opposed to “only” 20x, the new FZ2000 is the pragmatic choice for anyone seeking a high performing all-in-one photo-video hybrid camera. As a general purpose holiday camera, although not the smallest or lightest option the FZ2000 could be the perfect solution.

Mark Baynham ( November 2016)




    1. Hi Mike
      Cameralabs did comment on battery life re 4K video here’s what they said:
      “One of the unique things about the FZ2000 / FZ2500 is its ability to keep filming clips beyond the usual 29:59 limit. But how long will the battery last and is overheating an issue? To find out I fitted a freshly-formatted 64GB card and started filming 4k / 25p at 100Mbit/s. It kept filming well-beyond the traditional half hour limit, and only stopped when the 64GB card filled-up after an hour and 26 minutes. I then reformatted the card and started recording again straightaway, capturing an additional 44 minutes before the battery gave up. So with a large enough card, you should be able to film a single 4k clip lasting over two hours on a single charge, which is pretty impressive”.

      Hope this helps
      Mark B

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