Sony RX100 V : Amost there but still not quite

Sony RX100 V: “B+” effort that should be a straight “A” performer

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V Review Image

This weeks Amateur Photographer (AP) Magazine contained a full review of Sony’s latest RX100 model the Mark V, a speed demon of a compact camera that promises unrivelled AF speeds as well as hugely impressive continous shooting paired with established image quality.

So what did AP Magazine conclude:

From AP Magazine:

“Its speed, performance and image quality are execellent but the RX100 V is still far from being the perfect pocket camera and its disappointing that Sony hasn’t concentrated its efforts on improving faults we’ve pulled previous RX100 series models up on before”

“To summarise the RX100 V is a very capable premium pocket compact but once again we are left saying it as potential to be even better”

My Take:

Here, here. Around £1000 ( yes a Grand) for a modern camera specifically intended to be the best of the best in-class not to possess a touch screen is just plain ludicrious. Then there’s the physical button layout and general ergonomics of the camera which leave a lot to be desired, I mean the camera still lacks any sort of built in rubberised hand / finger grip?????

Sony’s latest version of its 20mp 1-Inch BSI CMOS sensor is clearly a winner but what’s the point if the camera still sometimes fails to handle in a way expected of such a prenium product?

And then there’s the very meagre, indeed down right poor battery life ( you’ll be lucky to get around 200 plus shots from the RX100 V).

All of these persistent general moans directed at the RX100 V have equally applied to earlier RX100 models so they can, no they should be reasonably easily address, so why not sort them Sony?

For £1000 of my own money I expect a bit more from the RX100 V. Fingers crossed the RX100 VI when it comes may finally end up being the ultimate premium compact. For the time being personally I’d be more tempted to look at either the ealier RX100 IV, the Canon PowerShot G7X II or Panasonic Lumix LX15 if I was in the market for a high end compact.

Mark Bynham ( December 2016)

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