What 2017 may bring for Fuji lovers?

As 2017 approaches the rumour mill goes into overtime as to what camera models we can expect ( or hope) to break cover in the forth coming year.

One company always subject to intense speculation is Fuji and for them 2017 promises to be a great year on the back of some truly superb released in 2016 ( ie the X-Pro 2 and X-T2)

X100F : Fuji’s future X100 model?

Its a bit of a no brainer that Fuji will update its X100 model line and again its pretty obvious that the next X100 model (rumoured to be labelled the X100F?) will be a sensible and progessive upgrade incoporating Fuji’s new 24mp Trans X sensor ( as found in the X-Pro 2 & X-T2) as well as the adopting of certain ergonomics / button placements from Fuji’s current mirror-less models. So expect to see at the very least a handy rear AF toggle button on the X100F?

As for the fixed lens that will sprout from the X100F, its highly doubtful Fuji will change the core X100 model feature of a  fixed 23mm F2 prime lens ( which offers a 35mm equivilent focal length) as the combination of such a lens and a clever optical – electro EVF has proved such a hit.

I wouldn’t be at all suprised if the rear screen becomes a bit more resolute and gains touch capacity and even may in some way become articulated?

All in all the X100F will be a evoltion of the X100 concept and implementation which is no bad thing.

So what about the replacement of the Fuji X30?

Rumours persist that Fuji will drop the 2/3″ Trans X sensor for any future “X” zoom equipped, viewfinder sporting compact and instead move up to a 1-inch “X” sensor. If true this does make sense as Sony’s  20mp 1-Inch BSI CMOS sensor has shown the great advantage of such a sensor size. The possibility of say (and this is a pure guess) a 16-18Mp 1-inch “X” sensor with on chip AF points is a wonderful thought / fantasy.

And the X70 replacement?

There have been the odd rumours here and there of a X70 replacement surfacing in 2017 but very little hint what form such a replacement would take.

As a X70 owner the obvious upgrade would centre around replacing the the ageing 16mp APS-C Trans X sensor in the current Fuji X70 with Fuji’s latest 24mp unit? Other than that I don’t really envisage many changes for any X70 upgrade /replacement.

X-T10 to become the X-T20?

Yep, for 2017 the X-T10 will be upgraded to a 24mp X-T20 of that am pretty certain.

Any truly new surprises from Fuji?

I am not expecting anything too radical from Fuji in 2017. The company have worked hard to foster a loyal and dedicated customer base by releasing cameras based around core photography requirements. As a result 2017 is likely to simply be a natural progession and update on current model lines.

Mark Baynham (December 2016)


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