Panasonic FZ150 Superzoom Review

Recently Dpreview published a full review of Panasonic’s FZ150 and pretty positive it was. As someone who has tested several FZ models I have always been impressed by the various models, amongst the conclusions reached by Dpreview:

Really useful 25-600mm (equivalent) lens range

Very good JPEG image quality, with provision for shooting in Raw mode

Lens impressively sharp with generally good sharpness at all focal lengths

Effective image stabilization

Good high ISO capability for its class (and much better than FZ100)

Excellent video specification and good, detailed results

Effective built-in mic (although stereo separation could be better) and provision for external mic

Although the FZ150 faces stiff competition from the new generation of megazoom compacts announced this year, it is still one of the best cameras of its type on the market. It combines an expansive feature set, great performance, and enough still and video options (and quality) to keep enthusiast photographers and casual videographers happy.

The FZ150 is a solid and capable superzoom camera that boasts impressive image quality considering it’s 24X optical zoom range. Sharpness is high, aberrations are well-controlled, and its capable optical image stabilization system makes working at its extreme effective focal lengths relatively pain-free

As you can see the Panasonic FZ150 probably holds onto the “Superzoom Crown” and at its current price its a bit of a bargin.

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