Panasonic GH5 & GF9 coming on Jan 4th 2018

Two New Panasonic Models Coming Very Soon

Panasonic will announce the full specs of its photo-video powerhouse CSC the Panasonic GH5 on the 4th January 2018. Latest rumours say we are now to expect a 20mp sensor (there were suggestions of a new 18mp unit). The new camera will be very similar in form to the current GH4 but will have both enhanced 4K and new 6K video / video features.

Its rumoured that the new GH5 will be priced pretty much the smae as the Olympus OM-D EM1 II, so very much an upmarket product.

At the other end of the scale rumours have also surfaced (including images) of a new mini / entry level Panasonic Micro Four Third (M43) camera the Panasonic Lumix GF9 which will be announced along side the flagship GH5.

The new GF9 is rumoured to use the same 16mp sensor that’s found in the G80/85, shoots 4K, has a small built in flash but appears to lack an EVF.

Both due to break surface on the 4th

Mark Baynham (December 2016)


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