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FujiFilm X70 user review

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For Christmas I headed off to Valencia in seach of some sun, blue skies and tapas. For the trip my main camera was the Olympus OM-D EM5 II paired with my newly purchased M.Zuiko 12-100mm f4 Pro Travel-Zoom but I decided to supplement the EM5 II with my Fujifilm X70 compact (plus a 21mm wide lens adaptor).

Now Fuji’s tiny 16mp APS-C 28mm f2.8 fixed prime equipped Trans “X” compact is a great carry anytime option but its semi wide 28mm (equivilent) lens (or ultre wide 21mm equivilent adaptor) is not everyone’s cup of tea so can it deliver the goods?




Well yes and no.

To be used as the one and only camera on a small break can be challenge, sure you can capture wide vista’s or impromptu street captures but for those distant candid captures is of no use whatsoever.


The X70 low light high-ISO performance JPEG performance is excellent so whilst RAW images can be processed nicely in Lightroom in many ways the Fuji X70 is best left in JPEG for 80% of the time.



The fixed f2.8 28mm prime lens is an OK performer but its definately not as good optically as many of Fuji’s other Fujinon primes and shows distict corner softness.




I did loved the rear touch screen but I wish it was fully articulated and there were plenty of times under the bright blue Spainish skies when an EVF would have been very useful.



General AF performance is overall acceptable but not exactly what I’d call snappy especially in low light. I found the 21mm wide adaptor delivered pretty good images and the extra wide capture was a godsend at times.




So overall the Fuji X70 put in a solid performance but to be used as the only option on a small break or to be considered a viable travel option, well that’s a big ask and I’d personally consider the X70 as a back-up option supplementing a genuine all in one travel option like a superzoom / bridge camera, a travel compact or a combination like the OMD EM5 II and the excellent M.Zuiko 12-100mm f4 “Pro” travel zoom.

Mark Baynham ( Januray 2017)


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