Canon EOS M5 Reviewed by AP Magazine

Canon EOS M5 : Still a C+ / B- effort 

Amateur Photographer (AP) Magazine has published a full technical review of Canon’s latest attempt at a mirrorless CSC, the Canon EOS M5. So has Canon finally cracked itv and produced a truly credible mirrorless model? Well sort. Common sense indicates that the likes of Sony, Olympus and Panasonic have little to fear.

From AP Magazine:

“With the EOS M5, Canon has finally made the kind of mirorless model that users have been asking for. With its built-in electronic viewfinder and plentiful set of controls, it should appeal strongly to enthusiasts, while its Dual-Pixel autofocus works remarkably well even with old EF-mount SLR lenses.

But while there’s a great deal to like about the EOS M5, in some way it does feel rather behind the times.

Indeed the huge problem for the EOS M5 is its price, and this makes it difficult to rate.

But right now, £1049 body-only is simply too much to pay in this competative sector. However if the price were to drop closer to £800 in the future, then the EOS M5 would be a much more serious contender”

My Take:

At the moment the likes of the Fujifilm X-T10, the Panasonic G80, Sony Alpha 6300 and Olympus OM-D E10 II are far, far better options over the hugely over-priced Canon EOS M5. Besides Canon has still failed to produce truly high performing EF-M lenses to complement the camera and “M” system generally I reckon the company are simply playing mind games with the Canon faithful. Maybe they have something really special up their sleeve but somehow I am not so sure?

Mark Baynham (January 2017)

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