Fuji gives full details of the Fujifilm GFX 50S

Full details of Fujifilm GFX 50S Announced

Fujfilm GFX 50S : Sub £7 Grand medium format ownership

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Fuji has released full details of it up and coming mirrorless medium-format camera, the Fujifilm GFX 50S which may look  a bit like a pumped up X-T2 but in reality will gives users out of this world image quality.

The realitively compact size and weight of the GFX 50S suggests handheld medium format photography will become a whole lot more pratical.

As previously reported the new Fujifilm GFX 50S will use a 51.4MP ‘Fujifilm G Format’ medium-format sensor (which measures 43.8 x 32.9mm), and which offers an area that is some 1.7x larger than that of a normal full-frame sensor.

The lens mount will be known as G-mount and, like all medium-format cameras, it has a ‘reverse’ crop factor of 0.79x, so that new 63mm F2.8 lens is actually equivalent to 50mm.

Fujifilm promises six “G” lenses in 2017, the standard 63mm f2.8 prime (50mm equivalent) and 36-64mm f4 zoom (25-51mm equiv) at launch  followed by the 120mm f4 OIS Macro by mid 2017, then the 45mm f2.8 (35mm equiv), 110mm f2 (87mm equiv) and 23mm f4 (18mm equiv) by the end of the year. All are weather-sealed and employ fly-by-wire electronic focusing like X-mount lenses. Fujifilm also claims they are designed to deliver sufficient resolution for 100 Megapixel sensors in the future.

The camera new camera has a 117-point contrast-detect AF system, and users can set the focus point using the touchscreen or a joystick on the rear plate. Its NP-T125 lithium-ion battery is rated for 400 shots on a single charge.

The weather-sealed body is made of a magnesium alloy and weighs just 825g/43oz with battery and memory card installed a lot less than other medium format cameras.

It has a large 3.2″ dual-tilt touchscreen LCD display plus a 2.36M-dot OLED viewfinder, to which you can add a ’tilt adapter’ allowing it to tilt upward by 90° and rotated left or right by 45°.

On the top plate you will find a small 1.28″ LCD which displays current shooting settings. There are two SD card slots, both of which support high-speed UHS-II media.

It can even capture Full HD video at up to 30p, with a bit rate of 36 Mbps and as usual for medium format cameras it will supports tethered shooting from a PC.

Various optional accessories will be available including a battery grip, H-Mount adapter for use with classic Fujinon HC lenses and a ‘View Camera Adapter G’ that lets you use the GFX as a digital back.

And finally the important bits.

The new camera (and first “G” lenses) will become available at the end of February with the new Fujifilm GFX 50S costing £6199 body only which is a bit of a bargin in the medium formatt world but regrettably means it will be out of the reach of us mere mortals.

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