Sigma 85mm f1.4 Art Review

Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG “Art” : Prime lens perfection?

We know the new Sigma 85mm f1.4 “Art” lens performed amazingly in the lab when tested by DxO, now online review site Cameralans has published a user review and here’s what they concluded:

Sigma 85mm F1.4 DG HSM Art Review Image

From Cameralabs:

“The Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG HSM Art is the latest addition to Sigma’s hugely successful series of “Art” lenses. My tests show that the new lens delivers excellent optical performance: it’s very sharp across a full-frame sensor right up into the corners whether at infinity or normal distances. In fact it produces the sharpest FF/FX-corners of any 85mm I’ve seen with very low coma. And it has a superbly soft Bokeh which makes for very pleasing out-of-focus rendering. Its focus is fast and quiet plus the lens features sealing at the lens-mount and can be updated and adapted to one’s needs from your computer through the separately available USB-dock. Add Sigma’s build-quality of the “Art” series and the option to swap the lens-mount should you change your system or mount it on Sony’s E-mount via Sigma’s MC-11 adapter and you should have a clear winner.

The new Sigma 85/1.4 Art finally brings Sigma’s 85mm prime up to the performance one can expect from a modern lens designed with 36+ MP sensors in mind: It offers the best performing FF/FX-corners and the softest Bokeh of any 85mm lens I know. Plus it is astonishingly resilient against strong contra-light. And although it is not the sharpest in the center, has a little more longitudinal CAs than others, and is a huge and heavy beast of a lens I’d award Sigma’s new 85/1.4 Art a Highly Recommended”.

Good points
Very good image quality across the full-frame area.
Smoothest Bokeh in its class.
Weather sealing at the lens mount.
Quiet and fast AF operation.

Bad points
AF needs fine-tuning via USB-dock.
AF is not the most accurate.
LoCA could be lower.
No image stabilization.

February 2017

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