Another Panasonic Lumix GH5 Review

Panasonic GH5: A Videographic Giant (and it does decent stills as well)

This weeks Amateur Photographer (AP) Magazine contained a full technical and user review of Panasonic’s flagship video/still Micro Four Thirds (MFT – M43) CSC, the Panasonic Lumix GH5, its worth a read, especially if your a serious shooter of video

Here’s some choice snipets from their final verdict:

From Amateur Photographer (AP) Magazine:

“Panasonic’s GH range has long catered for those with a particular interest in video and the GH5 continues that trend. That said, its still image capabilities have seen big improvements over the GH4”.

“Elsewhere the GH5 is a richly featured camera with numerous useful tools that will beefit stills photography just as much as video. The addition of 5-axis image stabilisation is prehaps the most niotable”

Meanwhile the 3.68m dot EVF is one of the very best we’ve yet encountered on a mirroless camera”.

“While there are prehaps better cameras at this price point for stills, the GH5 remains the leader of the pack for those with a specific interest in videography”

March 2017

My take:

I’ve said it before but I’d personally still take the Olympus OMD-D EM1 II over the Panasonic Lumic GH5 but then I don’t shoot video. If you have already bought into Panasonic’s  Micro Four Third system and / or you want to start shooting video, the GH5 is a worthy flagship model. If you are simply a video shooter or wannabe film maker the GH5 is a bit of a no brainer really?

Mark Baynham (March 2017)

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