Sigma 30mm F2.8 (m4/3rd) user review

The other week I bought my first third party lens for my growing m4/3rd kit, namely Sigma’s 30mm F2.8 lens.Now I was tempted by the Sigma for a number of reasons. Firstly this lens is a prime lens ( I prefer primes), the 30mm focal length equates to 60mm on my Olympus OMD EM5 (a useful short telephoto length), its small (matching my petite Olympus), it’s moderately “fast” (ie F2.8) but above all it offers great value compared to some of Panasonic and Olympus own brand prime lenses.

So how is it? Well rather good is the short answer. It produces reasonably “sharp” images across the m4/3rd frame, you can blur backgounds to a reasonable extent but above all it seems to perfectly complement my Olympus EM5 and would be perfectly at home on say a Panasonic G3/5 or GX1. This Sigma lens represents great value and I look forward to other Sigma releases in the m4/3rd format. To see some images captured with the Sigma 30mm F2.8 lens (m4/3rd fit) have a look at my Flickr photostream:

Mark Baynham (September 2012)


Test: The Panasonic TZ30 Compact Zoom

Recently I spent a few days in Lisbon playing with the Panasonic TZ30, Panasonics latest addition to its highly successful TZ range of compact travel zooms and a replacement for the generally well received TZ20.

The TZ range of compact travel zoom cameras are well regarded and have been hugely popular for some time. The combination of an impressive zoom range packed into a reasonably petite and portable body that offers user friendly, hassle free handling has consistently proved a winning formula over the years.

(Check out the test images at Flickr )

Canon G1X: A photographer’s delight?

The other week I spent a pleasant few days using a Canon Powershot G1 X the company’s recently available top end enthusiast “Super G” compact camera.In truth I knew the Canon G1 X would very likely be a good camera. A number of recent on-line reviews have heaped much praise upon it. What surprised me was just how good it was.

As a former G7 owner I like to think am fussy about what an enthusiast compact should consist of. Well this new Canon doesn’t disappoint overall because it can deliver in spades most notably in image quality and in particular in its low light capacity.

(For a look at the test shoots check out my Flickr G1X “set”)