Digital Camera Magazine reviews the Canon EOS 6D

Besides reviewing the wondereful Fuji XE1 this month, Digital Camera Magazine also contained a review of the new Canon EOS 6D.

Canon EOS 6D + Canon 24-105mm F4 IS lens kit

The Canon 6D is Canon’s attempt to introduce a wallet friendly “entry” level full frame camera into the market.

In the magazine the Canon EOS 6D won “Digital Camera Magazine’s Editors Choice”.

Whilst not  quite the ultimate “Gold” award and “Great Value” award as was won by the Fuji XE1 it’s still  a good showing for Canon.

The magazines overall verdict:

The Canon EOS 6D is an excellent choice for enthusiast photographers looking for a full frame DSLR.It gives you just about everything you need and produces great images straight from camera.

My Take:

As I have already written the image quality produced by a full frame DSLR knocks those produced by any APS-C DSLR into the long grass (possibly with the exception of the Fuji XE1). I loved the Canon EOS 6D but from a purely personal point of view as a Canon EOS 7D owner I  would upgrade to the 6D’s bigger brother the Canon EOS 5D Mark III.  However that is a personal preference and being subjective if your a Canon 40/50D owner or even a 60D owner the new 6D is the logical step up and won’t disappoint. For someone completely new to full frame ownership and with no commitment to any brand I’d suggest checking out the Nikon D600 as every review to date that  I’ve read  concludes that the new Nikon JUST pips the  6D.

Mark Baynham (February 2013)


Digital Camera Magazine reviews the Fuji XE1

This months Digital Camera Magazine has reviewed the Fuji XE1 (with 18-55mm lens). Now having extensively used the Fuji XE1 myself the other week I know its good, actually in truth better than good, it’s class leading,, but what about other testers?

Fuji X-E1 Black Digital Camera 18-55mm Lens KitFuji X-E1 Silver Digital Camera 18-55mm Lens Kit

Amongst some of the quotes from the magazine:

“Overall the XE-1 is an extremely interesting proposition that we can see being top of many photographers wishlists”

“The improved autofocus speeds that Fujifilms new firmware brings, coupled with the new lens, makes this a fantastic and reasonably priced little camera that will easily take on its SLR rivals”

My Take.

The proof is in the pudding, check out 200 plus images on my Flickr photostream:     

Despite me being  a m4/3rd convert (via an OMD EM5), owning a Sony NEX5 and even being a DSLR user (via a Canon EOS 7D), I’ll go as far to say that the Fuji X system (in particular the Fuji XE1) pretty easily has the legs on the “big boys” .

In my humble opnion the Fuji XE1 is by far the best Compact Camera System (CCS) out there and even betters any of the current ASP-C  DSLR’s on the market, it really is that good.

Mark Baynham (February 2013)

Canon EOS 6D and Nikon D600 DSLR’s compared

This weeks Amateur Photographer Magazine ( 16th February 2013) contains a detailed comparison between the two recently release full frame “entry” level DSLR’s from Canon & Nikon, namely the Canon EOS 6D and Nikon D600.

Its an interesting read as both cameras are very evenly matched especially in price and the type of audience they are directed towards.The magazine concludes that probably the Nikon D600 just edges the Canon EOS 6D and despite me being a Canon EOS 7D owner and even after testing the Canon EOS 6D myself am inclined to agree.

However its a close run thing most especially when it comes to resulting image quality (its basically near identical) but there are some differences, with the Canon EOS 6D possessing GPS and built in wi-fi, whilst the Nikon counters with a more comprehensive AF system and a built in flash.

What is certain as the presence of these two cameras is a positive development and one which is bound to bring the definate advantages of full frame ownership to more people.

Mark Baynham (February 2013)