Some rumours for 2013

The year 2012 has been a vintage year for new camera releases as well as the introduction of new feature / technology (i.e. connectivity, touch screens etc).Curiously the rumours mills for 2013 haven’t really swung into action this year certainly compared to last. This is probably because there isn’t a great number of new releases due? There are however some little snippets to be found.I’ll emphasis that what follows are rumours and should subsequently be taken with a pinch of salt.


The Fuji X100 has in effect been discontinued for some time. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that a X200 with a 16Mp Trans X sensor may be on its way? Will the X100 still be fixed lens, yes I believe so. Will it still be the same “fast” 23mm lens, yes probably. What will probably be improved will be the resolution of the rear screen. Will the screen become articulated and / or have touch screen capacity, doubtful.


Its pretty obvious that the Canon EOS 7D is over due a replacement and rumours suggest the update / replacement will be announced possibly in February. What sort of update can we expect? Rumours are hinted at a Mp increase, one hopes nothing too dramatic (say 20Mp?). Am confident the rear screen will boast a higher resolution and become articulated and most likely have touch screen capacity similar to the EOS 650D. Finally it’s a reasonable bet that Wi-Fi and GPS will be introduced. What am really curious about will be the body only price. Remember the full frame Canon EOS 6D is around the £1,600 -1,700 mark it would make no marketing sense to have an APS-C camera available at a more expensive price, unless the 7D replacement is a sort of APS-C / Full Frame cross, using say an APS-H sensor or even a variable full frame sensor (aka like Nikon and its FX/DX capacity). This capacity would allow both EFS and EF lenses to be used. Wishful thinking or fantasy?


The GX1 will most probably be updated with the addition of GH3 technology. Any chance of a built in EVF? Doubtful because this would ensure it treads on the toes of the rumoured fixed lens m4/3rd camera from Panasonic.

The GF5 will likely be revamped but with probably with the new “standard” 16Mp sensor.

And finally what about that rumoured “fast” fixed lens m4/3rd camera body with built in EVF, a sort of GX1 / X100 cross, a carry anytime general purpose but high quality compact something akin to Panasonic vision of a modern Olympus Trip or a natural Canon EOS G1X rival. Well I for one can see the market as the Canon is currently the only similar type camera in that niche market and there’s definitely a demand for such a camera. Whether it will see the light of day is another matter.


The good money is on a high end semi pro OMD variant which would also replace the E5 4/3rd DSLR from Olympus? This would mean Olympus ditching the DSLR market, but have no fear as rumours suggest an in-house adaptor that would allow auto focus of any high grade 4/3rd lens on a m/4/3rd pro model, I reckon this camera is coming? The ability to properly use pro spec 4/3rd lenses on a pro spec m4/3rd body with high quality EVF would satisfy many loyal Olympus 4/3rd DSLR owners who have worried about Olympus’s commitment to the 4/3rd system. M4/3rd owner will be cuffed to have auto focus with high grade pro 4/3rd lenses, both side win?.


How about a full frame NEX, something maybe called NEX9, using the 24Mp full frame sensor from the Alpha 99? Could happen? Actually am sure it will.

General likely trends for 2013.

It goes without saying that the fusion of wi -fi connectivity and in camera editing will gather pace. Additionally touch screen interfacing will improve and become more common. The electronic viewfinder (EVF) will come of age and gain a greater acceptability? And finally there will be a drive for even faster auto focus capacity in live view to enhance both fast movement capture / tracking as well improving video capacity.

Here’s looking forward to 2013

Mark Baynham (December 2012)


Is the most rounded sub £2,000 still – video camera on its way?

Very shortly (next few weeks hopefully) Panasonic should announce the upgrade to its pseudo DSLR like m4/3rd camera the GH2 in the form of the much rumoured Panasonic GH3. Now whilst there is always talk of whether the m4/3rd format can match APS-C sensor based cameras in image quality, low light performance and dynamic range, what has never been in dispute is that Panasonic’s GH range of m4/3rd cameras have possessed superb video capture.

The GH2 was, and remains a cracking camera who’s comparatively low sales volume belies the fact that in truth the Panasonic – Olympus’s m4/3rd format had come of age and to all intent and purposes is able to match any APS-C equipped DSLR.

Now almost 3 years down the line with on going improvements in sensor technology, Panasonic’s GH3 promises to be the pinnacle / representation of the m4/3rd family probably even eclipsing the wonderful  Panasonic G3 or recently announced G5 and even quite possibly the Olympus OMD.Rumours are hinting at a camera sporting  a new 16Mp sensor with improved dynamic range, faster frame rate, improved AF performance and video capture capability that will most likely be unrivalled.

We know the GH3 will be weather sealed. We know it will sport an improved EVF of greater resolution. No doubt touch screen capacity will be present. Throw in impressive image quality via an improved dynamic range, almost certainly slightly superior high ISO performance and in a package with unsurpassed video capture all wrapped up in a pseudo DSLR body that’s smaller than your average mid-high end APS-C DSLR and you are sure to have a winner. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Panasonic market the new GH3 as a “pro” camera. After all remember both Panasonic and Olympus produce some truly first class optics for their m/4/3rd format so there will be no shortage of lenses to match the GH3’s promised capability.

To wet the appetite even further latest rumours are even hinting that the GH3 may have WiFi capacity and a degree of remote control applications not dis-similar to recent annoucements refering to the new NEX5 CCS due to be released shortly. 

The Panasonic GH3 certainly won’t come cheap, far from it, especially when twinned with Panasonic’s wonderful 12-35mm F2.8 “X” lens. Expect a similar retail cost to current  high end APS-C DSLR’s, however I am reasonably confident that it has the new GH3 has  potential to become a much sought after camera for those wishing to combine sublime image quality with superb video capture. I’ll gladly have a pint that for those prepared to pay the price the new GH3 will be rewarded with  the most sensible and capable stills- video combo out there in the sub £2,000 price bracket.

Mark Baynham (September  2012)

A new affordable Fuji X Pro like camera is on it way

The last few days have seen some supposed leaks of the rumoured the “affordable” Fuji  X Pro 1 mirrorless camera. Images appear to show a very X Pro 1 like body but  one that houses a purely electronic viewfinder (EVF) (no clever optical – electro hybrid) and a built in flash. Some additional images purport to show this new body twinned with the new Fuji standard “XF” zoom lens the 18-55mm (F2.8 -4). Assuming this new camera has the same 16Mp Trans X sensor as the X Pro 1, More recent “leaks” have hinted a sub £1,000 price for the body with a sub £1,300 range for the body twinned with the new standard zoom..If true this standard combo means that once again Fuji looks like having a winner on its hands and definitely they have a camera that will challenge the likes of the Sony NEX7 and Olympus OMD.

August 2012

Photokina’s coming up – rumours abound

With the Photokina show almost upon us the rumour mill have gone into over drive as to what new products are possibly on the horizon. Here’s a few rumours what some sources are saying we may see in the near future. To stress none are facts, some may see the light of day, others will probably not, nothing is a given.

Rumours are hinting at some sort of entry level full frame DSLR to sit below the 5D3 but with a lot of 7D features, so a sort of “Super 7D”. A full frame sensor in a body similar to the 7D, with a built in flash and using the 7D metering and focus system is a very tempting proposition. I’d hope the rear screen is articulated with touch capacity.So will there be a 7D replacement? Probably I cannot see Canon being content to leave the 60D as its top APS-C DSLR but I wouldn’t be surprised if a revamped 60D replacement (70D?) actually replaces the 7D whilst the new cheaper full frame camera in effect becomes the 7D replacement?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Canon hint or hopefully announce a version of its new EOS “M” high end compact camera but with an EVF designed to take on the NEX7 and Fuji X Pro 1. Would this camera have a full frame sensor to make it really special, doubtful?

The GH3 is very likley to see the light of day, Don’t expect anything too radical but the GH3 will have to build upon core GH2 features in order to compete with Olympus’s OMD EM5.

Rumours continue to suggest the D300S replacement is on its way, a blend of D7000 and new technology from the D800.

A full frame DSLT the A99? has been rumoured for some time and something is sure to be announced. There have been hints that Sony will be the first to put a full frame sensor in a comapct camera body, a kind of beefed up NEX7, (NEX9/) if any company can do this it will be Sony.

Rumours are suggesting that 2 “X” cameras are on their way. The first may well be the X200, a replacement for the X100 whilst the other is meant to be a slightly stripped down and cheaper X Pro 1. My gut feeling is this may actually be one of the same camera, a more affordable lens interchangeable X100 replacement to sit below the X Pro 1?

Anway only a month or so before we find out for sure whats on its way in 2013.

Mark Baynham (July 2012)