Sony Alpha 37 online review

Sony’s new entry level SLT camera, the Sony Alpha 37 has been reviewed by photography blog uk.The A37 is intended to do battle with the likes of the Canon 600D and Nikon 3200 so has does it fair? Well here’s a snippet from the review

” The Sony A37 is a compelling entry-level DSLR camera with features, still and video image quality, and overall performance that beat its main rivals. Only the small, low-resolution, non-articulating LCD screen detracts from an otherwise outstanding camera that will more than satisfy the needs of its target audience. The Sony A37 may sit at the bottom of Sony’s SLT line-up, but for many people this could be the only camera that they’ll ever need. We wish that the LCD screen was slightly bigger, had double the resolution and could be tilted sideways as well as up and down, but we’re struggling to think of anything else that’s negative to say about what is after all “only” an entry-level camera. This is simply one of the most capable beginner DSLRs on the market, and therefore fully deserving of our coveted Essential! award.”

My Take.

The Sony A37 is a rather impressive entry level camera.It offers a capacity that belies its entry level status and with such a great price should be seriously considered if your in the market for an entry level DSLR/SLT camera.

Fuji X-Pro 1 (On line review)

At last Dpreview have finally posted a very extensive Fuji X -Pro 1 review.

Amongst the conclusions

“The X-Pro1 is a logical evolution from the fixed-lens FinePix X100, and it shares many of that camera’s best attributes. The traditional dial-based control layout makes it a very engaging camera to use, and the clever hybrid optical-electronic viewfinder gives an immersive view of the world while providing as much or little exposure information as you like. Perhaps most importantly, the X-Trans CMOS sensor gives truly excellent image quality, particularly in combination with the stellar XF 35mm F1.4 R lens.We were hugely impressed by the X100’s image quality, and Fujifilm has scaled even greater heights with the X-Pro1. The camera’s JPEGs are little short of superb, with appealing colour rendition, lots of detail, and remarkably low noise even at high ISOs.With the X-Pro1 Fujifilm has built on the platform provided by the X100, and is beginning to look like a very serious contender at the high end of the camera market. In a way the X-Pro1 has no direct competitors; its optical viewfinder and traditional stills-focused control layout sets it apart from the likes of the Sony NEX-7, and of course it’s much less expensive than the camera it physically most resembles, the Leica M9-P, and operates rather differently too. This alone should ensure it a niche in the market, and we suspect many buyers will be delighted with it”.

My Take:

Simple. To my mind it must be presently the best high end compact cameras system out there. We know Fuji are releasing even more high quality optics to accompany it in the next 6 months, so the system is destined to grow and develop. Ok it has some quirkiness and at times it appears to lacks “speed” of operation but that misses the point totally. The Fuji X -Pro1 is designed for a certain old school style of photography and delivers in spades in that department. The Fuji X-Pro 1 is unrivalled in the £1,300 (Body Only) price range for sure.

(July 2012)

Sony Alpha 77 SLT Online reviews.

A number of internet sites have posted reviews of Sony’s top end SLT (Single Lens Translucent i.e. a fixed mirror with EVF), the Sony Alpha A77.

From Techradar:

“The Sony Alpha A77 is an excellent addition to Sony’s single lens translucent range. As the flagship model within the range it’s extremely well specified and flexible camera with a generous range of features that will appeal to serious photography enthusiasts. While it’s 12fps continuous shooting speed will certainly appeal to those who regularly shoot fast-moving action, there’s a lot more to like about the A77, not least the speedy AF performance, excellent range of movie recording options and high standard of image quality”

 From Dpreview:

“The A77 is a well-designed camera which spans the mid-range and semi-professional categories. Its headline features – high pixel count and blazingly fast continuous shooting – will attract a lot of interest, but of greater utility in day to day use are its effective ergonomics, reliable systems and excellent full-time live view system and full-time AF”.

Canon’s new EF 40mm F2.8 Pancake lens tested

A recent announcement by Canon which sort of slipped under the radar was the announcement of a new EF 40mm F2.8 “Pancake” lens, I believe am correct in saying Canon’s first EF pancake lens.Now the announcement was curious. Why introduce a tiny pancake lens into the EF range of lenses? Well there’s probably two answers, video (the lens has been optimized for fast, quiet autofocus) and possibly (according to rumours) as maybe a preclude to a mirrorless camera body.

Anyway there has been some lab testing of this new lens posted via Dpreview and the results are very impressive for a “pancake” design. Then you realise that this little gem will be coming in around the £240 mark so it starts to become an interesting proposition. On an APS-C body (i.e. 7D, 60D or new 650D) the 40mm focal lenght comes out as around 60mm (35 mm equivalent) quite handy as a short telephoto and well suited to street photography possibly even sometimes doubling as portrait lens. Canon’s blah upon its release talked about the lenses compactness and its  certainly looks that, its tiny.

The new Canon EF 40mm F2.8 lens looks a real gem, I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a popular lens choice for Canon owners, its small, appears to have great optical qualities and is really good value, a no brainer really?

Mark Baynham (June 2012)

Internet Review of the Canon G1X

Dpreview posted a very detailed review of the Canon G1X High End Compact a camera with with I spent a week with the other month and that impressed me hugely.

Dpreview conclusions:
“Overall, the G1 X is an excellent camera for some but not for everyone. If you are aware of its shortcomings, such as the sluggish AF, limited close-focusing capability or lack of manual control in video, and think you can live with them, the Canon gives you great image quality and a versatile zoom range in a small package and without the need to carry a stack of lenses.

Canon deserves some praise for finally matching the G-series’ excellent body and UI design with a large sensor and for launching something genuinely different in the otherwise rather uniform mirrorless and compact camera markets. There is some room for improvement for the 2nd generation of this product but for those photographers who can work around its limitations it can be a powerful photographic tool and therefore earns itself our silver award”.