New Sigma lenses for m4/3rd & NEX bodies

Sigma will be releasing another DN art lens, the Sigma DN Art 60mm F2.8 designed to work on Olympus / Panasonic  m4/3rd and Sony NEX camera bodies. On a m4/3rd body (like the new Panasonic G6) this lens will equate to a 120mm F2.8 optic, a handy mid level telephoto focal length good for urban portrait & street photography, whilst on a Sony NEX camera (i.e. NEX 6 or NEX 7) the Sigma equates to a 35mm equivalent of 90mm, perfect for studio type portrait shots.

Mark Baynham (May 2013)

Some rumoured Canon EOS 7D Mark II Spec’s

Some internet sites are publishing rumoured specifications of the up and coming Canon EOS 7D replacement. Please remember these are just rumoured spec’s.

The 7D replacement is well over due and will be released this year.Having seen the spec’s of this weeks announced Nikon D7100 any 7D replacement will have to be something special:

Rumoured 7D2 spec’s:

New 24Mp APS-C CMOS sensor

Dual Digic V processors

10 frame per second shhoting rate

Dual card slots (probably reverting to SD cards)

New enhanced 61 point AF system

3.2″ LCD screen (probably fixed, which is a pity),same res i.e. 1.2k dot as the 6D, likely to have the touch screen interface like the EOS “M”

Built in GPS & Wi-Fi

Similar 5D3 build quality (so even more “robust” than the current 7D)

Meant to retail around the £1,700 mark (body only) so a lot more expensive than the Nikon D7100.

Could be announced in March

My Take:

I reckon the above rumoured spec’s are probably pretty accurate. There have been hints for some time that Canon will produce a proper “professional” APS-C DSLR  and spec’s like those above certainly appear to suggest this is indeed the case. It’s obvious that Canon feel confident that they  push the APS-C format into traditional  full frame terrority, which could prove an interesting move.

As a current 7D owner I’d probably be tempted to keep to the APS-C format and upgrade  if the specification shown are accurate. I only hope is that the screen becomes articulated (added flexibility) and that low light – high ISO performance is markedly superior to the 7D.

Mark Baynham (February 2013)

The Sony RX100 wins (again)

In this months What Digital Camera magazine a group test was conducted between seven high end, RAW shooting enthusiasts compacts.

Its no surprise which model came out on top, guess what? The Sony RX100 won. I know of no other camera of recent times that has so overwhelmingly triumphed over similar rivals. Naturally the RX100 won’t be for everyone, and it is the most expensive of similar high end compacts, but then it goes produced by far the best images.

The previous king of the enthusiast compacts (by my reckoning anyway) the Panasonic LX7, whilst far from disgraced, and whilst in some aspects is probably superior (i.e. better handling, has a hot shoes) still has a way to go to match the RX100. Clearly Panasonic need to up its game for any future LX8 model. I’d be amazed if future LX models don’t sport a bigger sensor or if Panasonic (or Olympus for that matter) try and produce as small as possible compact with a m4/3rd sensor and fixed lens.Equally the likes of Canon (with their “G” series”) and Nikon (with their “P” series) may have to have radical re-thinks if future high end compacts from these manufacturers are to match Sony and its superb RX100.

Fuji and their recently announced Fuji X20 may (for the time being) be the only viable rival (in the image stakes for the all conquering Sony RX100.

Mark Baynham (January 2013)