The Nikon Coolpix P900 Zoom Test

The Nikon Coolpix P900 has been a big success for Nikon. The only trouble is getting hold of one! We are expecting a shipment of stock each week. There are still some backorders to get through, so if you was looking to pick one up please give us a call or an email (found on our website) to register your interest. As soon as one is available we will notify you.

In the mean time, check out the video below by Lothar Lenz showing of the inedible zoom the Nikon P900 has to offer.

Nikon Announces New Pro Zoom Lenses

Nikon has announced the new Nikon 500mm f4E FL ED VR AF-S Lens. It will be the world’s lightest super telephoto lens! The new fluorite lens elements are what help the lens to be faster focusing than its predecessor and 800g lighter. It has full vibration control and focus limiters aiding wildlife and sport photography by giving effectively 4.0 stops compensation. This is further helped by a fixed F4 aperture.

Nikon 500mm f4E FL ED VR AF-S Lens
Nikon 500mm f4E FL ED VR AF-S Lens.

Nikon’s 600mm f4E FL ED VR AF-S Lens has many similarities to the 500mm lens above, but also has a Fluorine optical coating that repels dust and water droplets. Also featured is a new Sport vibration reduction mode and improved auto focus tracking. The lens is now 1200g lighter than the previous model. Both these lenses are perfect for any professional photographers looking to take quality to the next level.

Both lenses are available to pre order today.

Nikon 600mm f4E FL ED VR AF-S Lens
Nikon 600mm f4E FL ED VR AF-S Lens

THE VIDEOMODE in Association with Canon

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Firmware Update for FujiFilm X-T1

This week Fuji will announce the introduction of a major firmware update for its superb Fujifilm XT1 in the form of firmware v4.0
Fujifilm XT1 review
v4.0 Firmware
Autofocus Substantially Revamped
v4.0 firmware will bring a major autofocus upgrade, introducing new ‘Zone’ and ‘Wide/Tracking’ modes which use 77 AF points across a wider area. Fuji says this will ‘substantially’ improve the X-T1’s ability to capture moving subjects. The Zone mode offers 3×3, 5×3 or 5×5 focus zones from the 77 AF points now available, and it’s designed to work with the continuous AF mode, where the centre AF point is used to track a moving object.
The Wide/Tracking mode works slightly differently. Here, the camera tracks moving subjects across the full 77-point AF area, not just following horizontal and vertical movement but back and forth movement too.
Fuji says the single-point AF option now divides the focus area into smaller sections to measure the subject distance more accurately. The sensitivity of the camera’s on-sensor phase-detection pixels has been improved too, with a detection range of 0.5EV – previously, it was 2.5EV. This should make the camera much better at focusing in low light or with low-contrast subjects.
Face-detection AF gets a boost too. Face-detection AF modes are all very well, but when you’re working with large apertures and shallow depth of field you need to be more accurate. In any portrait shot, your subject’s eyes are the one thing that needs to be sharp, and that’s what the new Eye Detection AF mode is designed to achieve.
Improved Macro Operation
The Macro mode operation has been improved too. Previously, you had to press the X-T1’s Macro button to shoot close-up subjects with normal AF speed, but the with v4.0 firmware update the camera will switch modes automatically. This leaves you free to re-assign the Macro button to some other function of your choice.
Other Improvements
Further updates include a broadening of the shutter speed range available in the T(ime) setting from 30-1/3200sec, the exposure compensation dial will be able to be used for altering exposure in manual mode when auto ISO is active, and the grid display on the rear screen and in the viewfinder will use finer lines so less of the subject is obscured. Fuji has also renamed the ‘Silent Mode’ to ‘Sound and Flash Off’ mode – apparently to ‘avoid confusion’.
And all the above improvements and tweaks won’t cost you a bean. Once again Fuji should be applauded for offering genuinely extensive and useful firmware upgrades which are able to keep their models fresh and competitive, well done Fuji.
May 2015


Samasung NX’s sensor impresses

The DxOMark team has tested new APS-C sized 28mp back-side illuminated sensor in the new Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera and the new NX1 produced the highest score of any APS-C sensor found in any mirrorless camera, out performing the previous “king” the Sony A6000, a very impressive result.
Samsung NX1 Review Image
From DxOMark:
“The new sensor in the NX1 has upped the stakes in terms of hybrid image quality, making Samsung’s latest hybrid the current king of mirrorless APS-C cameras in our database. The BSI sensor is not only the physically largest sensor of its type, but boasting a 28.2 million pixels, it’s also the highest-resolution APS-C hybrid currently available. With an overall DxOMark Sensor Score of 83 points, the NX1 knocks our previous APS-C hybrid champion, the Sony A6000, down into second place with 82 points”.
April 2015