Canon EOS M5 is almost here

Canon EOS 5M

Leaks and rumours have become available showing the new Canon EOS M5 which should be officially announced next week ahead of Photokina.

The images show a neat semi retro looking boxy but compact CSC / Mirrorless model with a built in EVF and tilting rear screen.

Rumoured Specs ( Canon EOS M5)

  • Built-in electronic viewfinder (2.36m dot resolution?)
  • 24.2 million pixel APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Apprantly the camera has a very large number of AF points
  • Dual pixel CMOS AF, Touch AF (ie you can select AF point whilst using the EVF, this supports the rumoured large increase in AF points) 
  • Tilting rear  touch screen
  • The video engine: DIGIC 7
  • Continuous shooting: 7fps
  • ISO Sensitivity: 100-25,600
  • FullHD 60fps, 5-axis electronic image stabilization (No 4K)
  • Dynamic NFC, Bluetooth built-in
  • Media: SD / SDHC / SDXC card
  • Size: 115.6 x 89.2 x 60.6 mm
  • Weight: 427g

Apprantly the lens will ship with two lens kits either the new  EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM lens or the EF-M 15-45mm f3.5-5.6 IS STM zoom

This camera may finally be the CSC effort from Canon that people have been screaming out for?

Mark Baynham (September 2016)

Canon EOS M5: A proper CSC at last?

Canon EOS M5 : Could be Canon’s best “M” attempt yet?

It reasonably certain that Canon is due to annouce at least one , possibly two mirrorless / CSC models in the very near future.

Rumours have hinted for some time of a model called the EOS  M5 and that it would be a more upmarket EOS M model to replace the rather lacklustre Canon EOS M3.

Recent patents show that Canon has at the very least designed and patented various new “M” lenses so they don’t appear to have given up entirely on the relatively poor selling “M” series all together.

Well there are suggestions that the soon to be announced Canon EOS M5 will indeed move the “M” series on considerably, and about time to.

There are hints and rumours that the EOS M5 will have a 24mp sensor (one presumes a dual pixel arragement?) most likely a version of the sensor in the current Canon EOS 80D (seems logical).

Even more appealing is the rumoured presence of a  built in EVF. Some time ago I am sure I saw a patent by Canon for a CSC with a built in EVF.

Recently Canon introduced a built in EVF into into G “X” compacts in the form of the Canon PowerShot G5X. In doing so they gave that camera a semi retro look but above all utterly transformed the handling experience.

I predict that Canon will do extactly the same with the Canon EOS M5 in other words a retro looking EVF equipped EOS “M” CSC in the mold / appearance msybe of say a mini Fuji X-T10 or Olympus OMD EM10?

I also predict the presence of an articulated touch screen.

4K video? well the new Canon EOS 5D IV has 4K so why not a new “M” camera especially one designed and intended to move the “M” series upmarket?

I have alway thought that Canon’s EOS M cameras were a half hearted effort by Canon but if they really do introduce a properly considered CSC model which contains the best of their current technology, well they may become a force to be reckoned with, providing they also introduce a line of “M” lenses to match?

The next few weeks will tell.

Mark Baynham ( September 2016)


Fuji X100T replacement = Fuji X100F

Fujifilm X100F : The X100T’s replacement?

Current X100T

Rumours are reporting that the Fujifilm X100T replacement / update will be called the Fuji X100F?

Its suggested that the camera was orginally meant to break cover at Photokina but sensor shortage ( due to the Kumamoto earthquake in Japan) has meant that Fuji has had to hold back the camera’s announcement until early 2017.

(NB this issue of sensor production has also effected Panasonic & Olympus)

The reason for this delay plus the cameras alleged designation give strong hints that the next X100 model will be a sensible, considered & evolutionary development of the X100T.

On that basis here’s what I reasonably expect to be the X100F’s core specs.

Fujifilm X100F (speculated specifications)

24mp Trans X sensor ( as per the the X-Pro 2 & X-T2)

Improved / tweaked hybrid optical – electronic viewfinder

Improved AF performance (as per the X-T2)

A more resolute rear screen which becomes touchscreen as well as tiltable?

Improved video capture (4K?)

Weather sealed (a real shot in the dark & more a wish & fanatasy)

If the X100T replacement is indeed to be called the X100F I don’t expect any change in the fixed Fujinion 35mm (equivilent) f2 lens, because this lens is one of the major defining elements of X100 models. If the lens was to change  I am certain Fuji would change the new cameras model designation to show that departure (ie called the model X200?).

Fuji’s X100 models have developed a large and loyal following (rightly so) I can’t see Fuji tinkering too much with the core appeal of the X100 series.

Having said that introduction of recent Fuji features from the X-T2 / X-Pro 2 will certainly move the X100 series on and the yet to be confirmed X100F has all the potential ingredients to be another winner.

Mark Baynham ( September 2016)


Panasonic: What to expect at Photokina 2016

Panasonic ( Photokina 2016) The Rumours

It looks like the following cameras from Panasonic will break cover at Photokina.

Here’s what’s rumoured to break cover, as ever nothing (ie specs)  is 100% certain but I am confident the models shown will be seen.

Panasonic LX15 ( The LX100 update / Replacement)

16mp  / Sensor same as in recent GX80 / Articulated rear screen

Panasonic G8 /G8X (Replacement for the current G7)

20mp / sensor as per GX8 / Improved EVF

GH5 (it will be shown although not officially “announced”)

20mp / 4K 4:2:2 10 bit / Improved ISO performace / faster fps rate than GH4 / dual SD card slot

Mark Baynham ( September 2016)


Could it be true? A Medium Format Fuji?

Curious rumours re-circulating regarding a new Fuji camera

The Fuji faithful have for a number of years maintained and circulated rumours that Fuji would one day enter the digital full frame market.

Lets face it a full frame “X” camera would be something truly special and therefore something to dream about. However I for one have alway thought it “pie in the sky” I just don’t think the economics would add up for Fuji .

Whilst Sony’s A7 mirrorless full frame cameras have opened up the full frame market in general and in the process made full frame ownership more affordable, the likes of Nikon and more recently Pentax-Ricoh have hit back with equally affordable models.

Is there further viable growth potential in the full frame market? Well clearly there is some potential but sufficent growth and return for a new player? Am not so convinced.

Well curiously an old persistent Fuji rumour has recently re-surfaced which hints that Fuji will introduce a DIGITAL medium format camera one assumes to compete with the likes of the current Pentax 645 models?

Could this actually be true this time? Mmmmm I wonder.

Remember recently Hassalblad (much to the frustration of the Hassalblad faithful) introduced the mirrorless medium format X1D and no one saw that coming so I suppose anything is possible?

Hassalblad X1D-50c


And also remember Fuji does have a history of medium format film cameras

Fuji GF 670

Fujifilm GF670 Rangefinder Folding Camera

So speculating, would any future digital Fuji medium format camera be an “X” camera, ie a medium format with a large Trans-X sensor?

I would think this highly doubtful and surmise that Fuji would most likely use a Sony developed sensor with some tweaks?

I do reckon that if these rumours are true then Fuji would be crazy not to try and build on the “X” factor of its current  APS-C “X” cameras by keeping a traditional retro look and make any medium format camera DSLR like in form and petite in size?

Would the camera be mirrorless? I’d imagine so?

Naturally all this must be taken with a very large dose of salt, rumours are just that and often much more ie total fantasy and we are entering the rumour season.

Having said that the more I think about it, the release of a digital mirrorless medium format camera by Fuji does make some commercial sense, certainly more so than a Fuji full frame model (due to larger mark ups and return for what would still be an expensive camera)

If any company has shown a willingness to do something different its Fuji.

As Photokina 2016 approaches the internet buzzes with all sorts or curiuos and wild rumours some have more foundation than others. But it does seem a bit too early for April Fools, so there may be something in it, then again I hear that Elvis is alive and well living the quiet life in Southend?

Mark Baynham (August 2016)