New Canon mirrorless camera (s) coming?

Canon to announce a new mirrorless camera?

Various sites are reporting the possibility that Canon may very soon announce / release some new mirrorless camera (s) model (s).

For a number of years there have been rumours circulating that Canon will introduce an upmarket mirrorless model, there have even been wild suggestions that it would be full frame?

Personally I don’t buy the introduction of a Canon full frame mirrorless camera however I do fully expect Canon to tweak and hone its current “M” range of APS-C models which are “OK” but can hardly be considered exciting or class leading.

What the EOS “M” range lack and have always lacked is a truly decent lens family to complement the bodies.

So how about an upmarket APS-C EOS “M” model with a built in EVF?

How about some more “M” lenses?

Or as a long shot could Canon possible introduce a camera sporting a version or something similar to Samsung’s suberb 28mp backlit APS-C sensor that was found in the now discontinued NX1. Lets be frank someone simply must have bought into Samsung’s NX1 sensor technology which was class leading for the APS-C market? If Canon hasn’t considered using NX1 technolgy one of the major camera companies must have done, it would such a waste for NX1 features / spec’s not to appear elsewhere?

Its reasonable to expect Canon to be reluctant to eat into its APS-C DSLR market so whatever EOS “M” model does surface ( and one will) it will have to offer something different?

A few weeks and we will know.

Mark Baynham ( July 2016)


Fuji XA-3 is coming?

Despite my doubts it looks like Fuji is likely going to release a update / revamp of its entry level “X” APS-C the XA-2 by introducing a 24mp Fuji XA-3?

This camera like the former XA-2 won’t employ Fuji’s unique Trans X APS-C CMOS sensor by the more usual bayer designed unit as is found in DSLR’s from the likes of Nikon and Pentax.

The XA-2 ) shown below) was an excellent way to dip ones toes into the lens-interchangeable CSC / Mirrorless world but always played second fiddle to Fuji’s widly praied Trans X equipped “X” cameras.

Fujifilm X-A2 Review Image

Rumours suggest the XA-3 will see the welcomed introduction of touch capacity to the tilting rear screen but don’t expect 4K.

A pocketable carry anytime camera the former XA-2 also happened to produced great JPEG’s straight from camera.

Pair the more resolute XA-3 with one of Fuji’s small (ish) prime lenses and you have a great potential combination.

Price will be vital because there are plenty of highly capable entry level mirrorless CSC on the market, Fuji will have to make the XA-3 very competative.

A few weeks and we will know for sure.

Mark Baynham ( August 2016)

What to expect (or hope for) at Photokina

Only a few weeks to go before the Photokina show 2016, so what cameras can we reasonably expect to be launched just before the show or indeed at the show itself?


Well the Canon EOS 5D IV full frame DSLR is 100% certain.

Expect a 30mp full frame DSLR with 4K video and built in Wi-Fi & GPS.

The 5D4 will be offered paired with the  new 24-105mm F4L IS II zoom lens.

Its possible Canon may announce a new mirrorless CsC “M” model, either a update to the current EOS M3 or ( along shot) the long rumoured full frame mirrorless EOS model?


The replacement / update to Panasonic’s entry level “G” CSC model (the G7) will break cover, rumours suggesting a title of G80.  If true the designation hints that the camera will probably use the same 16mp sensor that is found in the recent GX80/85 and not the 20mp sensor as is found in the GX8.

Its doubtful we will see the flagship GH5 break cover ( a November / New Year launch?) but maybe a new mini “GM” model?

An update to the Panasonic LX100 is widely rumoured, once again using the same 16mp sensor from the GX80. I’d expect a tilting / articulated touch screen will be added and the EVF improved slightly , otherwise the new flagship LX model will be reasonable similar to the current LX100.


The  Olympus OMD  EM1 II will be revealed (possibly even in the next 2 weeks or so). I suspect Olympus will have thrown the kitchen sink at its new Micro Four Thirds flagship, so a 20mp sensor, more resolute EVF, genuine handheld High Res shooting, even quicker frame per second rate, and tweaked 5-axis in-body stabilisation.

Along with the EM1 II Olympus will reveal the first of its “Pro” f1.2 prime lenses as well as the rumoured  12-100mm “Pro” travel zoom.

The delayed EPL8 will also see the light of day.


I reckon that Fuji will update its ageing XE model ( the XE2s) with the Fuji maybe a Fuji XE3?

Likewise its “X” range of fixed lens rangefinder styled cameras ie X100T, could well do with a revamp, so possibly a X200 is on the cards?

Fuji’s enty level mini XM model like the X100 range also needs a revision if the range is to continue so a new XM model is needed.

Its pretty obvious that Fuji best option would be to stick the superb 24mp Trans X sesnor from the XT2/ X-Pro 2 sensor in any new models?

Finally rumours hint of a Fuji XA-3 breaking cover. Mmmm, I am no so sure about that one and I wouldn’t be suprised if the XA range is actually dead in the water and the revised XM model used to move things on?


Will we ever see a replacement of the full frame Sony A99?

Or maybe a new APS-C high end Sony Alpha 7000?

Sony will reveal something but what?


No idea whatsover?

Mark Baynham ( August 2016)





24 / 26 / 28 / 30MP : Canon EOS 5D IV

Within a month or so the Canon EOS 5D IV full frame DSLR will break cover. There has been much speculation as to what pixel count the new 5D4 will end up sporting.

Its pretty obvious that Canon won’t want the 5D4 to begin to trespass on 5DS/R territory but equally we know it will have to have a “better” resolution than the forth coming Canon EOS 6D II (which will be Canon’s entry level full frame DSLR) in order to take the middle ground.

The current 6D is a 20mp camera and fairly elderly by modern DSLR standards so its replacement / update simply has to up the MP count to compete with other “entry” level full frame DSLR’s from Sony, Nikon and Pentax.

Odds are that the new 6D II will be a 24mp DSLR which means the 5D4 is going to have to be at least a 26mp camera?

The 5D4 will most likely major on low light capacity as well as video. Overall it will be designed to be Canon’s “general purpose” full frame DSLR so on that basis I don’t imagine we’ll see a 36-40mp 5D4.

Rumours have circulated for quite some time that Canon has tried several prototype full frame sensors including a 28mp version.

There have been more recent rumours / hints that suggest the presence of  30mp sensor in the 5D4 and I suppose that may not be too far off the mark.

Not long until we will know what Canon has up its sleeve regarding the 6D II and 5D4.

Mark Baynham ( July 2016)

New Olympus “Pro” Zoom coming?

New Olympus 12-100mm f4 “Pro” zoom coming? (Maybe)

A while back a few rumours circulated that Olympus were going to add another “Pro” zoom to their range of high end zooms (they currently have the 7-14mm f2.8 12-40mm f2.8 and 40-140mm f2.8 zooms in the range).

Well some more recent rumours suggest the zoom will turn out to be a 12 -100mm F4 zoom, in other words a high quality travel zoom covering the 35mm equivilent of 24-200mm, very handy indeed.


Well I think not.

And why?

Because Panasonic patented a 12-100mm f4-5.6 travel zooom for the MFT (Micro Four Third) system a while back which seems to suggest that a 12-100mm zoom (of some description) has clearly something that has been considered in the past.

The MFT system does lack a truly high quality travel zoom so to my mind it makes absolute sense for Olympus to add to their Pro zoom range with a high end all in one travel zoom.

Equally it makes just as much sense to give this zoom a F4 constant aperture ( as opposed to f2.8) in order to keep the size and weight down, bearing in  mind Olympus does currently have one f4 lens in their “Pro” range, the unbelieveably good 300mm f4 telephoto prime.

F4 is still pretty quick and useful over such an extensive zoom range and as I discovered when I added the MC14 teleconverter to my 40-150mm f2.8 zoom ( the teleconverter turns the f2.8 constant aperture to f4) F4 still allows for blurred backgrounds in many cicrumstances.

Here’s two examples of the 40-150mm f2.8 with the teleconverter attached:


No, I reckon this new “Pro” zoom is on the cards and it will be a very welcome addition to Olympus’s growing “Pro” range of lenses.


Also remember its no secret that Olympus are going to release some ultra fast-wide ie f1.2 “Pro” prime lenses as well

Mark Baynham ( July 2016)