Bag A Bargin: Sony RX100Mk3 Compact

The Sony RX range of high end enthusiast orientated compacts equipped with Sony’s acclaimed 20mp 1″ CMOS sensor have rightly gained a loyal following and forced the competition to up their own range of “proper” high end compacts.

Recently Sony announced the RX100IV which contains a newly designed “stacked” 1″ sensor, improved EVF and 4K video capture. But such new technolgy doesn’t come cheap and that’s why the Sony RX100III (which is only around 14 -16 months old) actually represents rather good value.

I’ve tested the mark 1, 2 & 3 and the mark 3 was unsurprisingly the best model. The spec’s of the RX100M3 are far from dated and the results it can produce are top-notch. Whilst am sure the mark 4 may move things on a little further. right now if your in the market for a top end compact the Sony Cyber-Shot RX100M3 looks like a bit of a bargin (whilst you can still get hold of one).

Here’s some RX100M3 Images form last year:

Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 Mark 3

(DD) (Sony CyberShot RX100M3) (4)

(DD) (Sony CyberShot RX100M3) (5)

(DD) (Sony CyberShot RX100M3) (6)

(DD)  CyberShot RX100M3 (3)

(DD) (Sony CyberShot RX100M3) (1)

(DD) (Sony CyberShot RX100M3) (2)

Mark Baynham (July 2015)

Canon PowerShot GX7 Test Images

The other week I spent Christmas in Valencia and whilstb there had the use of the new Canon PowerShot GX7 a 1″ sensor equipped compact designed to other a pocket friendly viable alternative to a DSLR or CSC. Clearly a Sony RX100M3 rival (they have the same sensor) the Canon offers a slightly more useful focal range as well as touch screen capacity. Ahead of a user review I’ve started to post some images on Flickr.

Canon PowerShot G7X review

Canon GX7 Test Images

Estacion Del Nord (North Station- Valencia) (DD) (Canon G7X) Plaza De La Virgin - Valencia (DD) (Canon G7X) Smokey Porter (Tyris Brewery - Valencia) Market Pub - Valencia (High ISO) (DD) (Canon G7X) Valencia Skyline (DD) (Canon G7X)

Mark Baynham (December 2014)