Nikon D600 announced!

Nikon have today annnounced the new Nikon D600 full frame affordable D-SLR. With a starting price of just £1995 it will appeal to a much greater audience now but it still has a lot of the features of the D800 & D4 including weather sealing.

This D600 has been designed to deliver the image quality and performance benefits of a full frame FX-format sensor to the enthusiast looking to take their dedication to the next level.

The Nikon D600 offers a remarkable value, merging the perfect combination of a lightweight, compact form factor and superior image quality, making the leap into FX-format photography more attractive than ever.

We genuinely think Nikon have got it right with this camera, a great spec for a great price. Well done Nikon.

Surprisingly this camera will be available from the 18th of September so get your order in now to be one of the first to get your hands on this amazing camera.

Click here for more information on the D600.


Fuj announce some new “X” cameras

This week Fuji have announced 2 new “X” cameras together with some new XF lenses. to add to the three already available.

Fuji X-E1

Fuji have announced the introduction of the much rumoured “affordable” X Pro 1 influenced Fuji X -E1. Basically a slightly smaller X Pro 1 but with a high resolution (2.3million) OLED (“Organic electronic viewfinder”), as opposed to an electro-optical hybrid, the new X-E1 uses the same 16Mp Trans X CMOS sensor powered by an EXR processor but running revised firmware that promises “faster” processing speed and snapper focus. The X-E1 which is pretty much the same same size as the X100 also see’s the welcomed addition of a built in flash. Expect near identical handling and to cap it all off the X-E1 will come in at a very similar price. Announced along side the X -E1 is the new high quality 18-55mm F2.8 OIS zoom lens which will supplement the X-E1 beautifully. Along with the new XF standard zoom mentioned Fuji have announced the wide angle prime lens, the XF 14mm F2.8 lens (35mm equivalent view of  21mm).And the price for all this wondrous photographic heaven? Well its looking like a X -E1 with 18-55 lens will come in around the £1,200 mark which is sure to give the likes of the OMD EM5 and Sony NEX7 a real run for their money. What a potentially great camera.

Fuji XF-1

The X-F1 is a really neat looking, high end compact that will have a 12Mp 2/3″ EXR CMOS sensor and high quality 25-100mm F1.8 -4.9 lens (further specs are due soon).

My Take:

Fuji have been really savvy with the introduction of the Fuji X-E1 and its bound to generate great interest amongst enthusiasts  looking for a retro looking, high quality rangefinder style camera. As the range of high quality XF lenses grow this camera will really challenge the likes of the Olympus EM5, Sony NEX7 and even some DSLR’s. Fuji showed what is was capable with when it introduced the X100, the company stirred up the high end compact market with the Fuji X10. The Fuji X-S1 is the currently the best bridge camera out there whilst and the Fuji X Pro 1 has found a loyal following amongst enthusiast and professionals alike. The X-E1 can only be a positive addition to the “X” family of cameras from Fuji.

The beautifully and neat looking compact, the Fuji XF-1 could become a real Canon S100 type rival. The bigger 2/3″ EXR sensor promises great image quality, the offered focal length (25mm -100mm) is spot on, whilst the presence of a manual zoom (aka Fuji X10) will only add to the “feel” of the camera. I’ll even wager this little Fuji could give the Sony RX100 a run for its money?

Once again Fuji is showing the other major manufacturers the way to go.

Mark Baynham (September 2012)