Sony RX100: Probably the best compact camera out there

A few weeks back I was fortunate to be afforded a couple of weeks using a Sony RX100 compact whilst holidaying in Greece.

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Black Digital Camera

The Sony RX100 is a petite high end, premier compact that houses a very un-compact like 1” CMOS sensor (i.e. about X4 larger than the usual compact sensor) in a body that easily fits into trouser, shirt and jacket pockets.The Sony RX100 joins a growing family of “large sensor” compacts designed to offer as near DSLR image quality and flexibility as is possible but within camera bodies intended to make them highly portable.Presently other rivals to the Sony include the lovely retro looking Fuji X10 (great camera with a 2/3” sensor), the Panasonic LX7 (the pinnacle of the long established LX series with a really impressive lens and a 1/1.7” sensor) and Canon with their S100 (very petite and also with a 1/1.7” sensor). Some very recently announced rivals would be the svelte and gorgeous looking Fuji XF1 (with an X10 sensor) and Canon’s updated S100 the not dissimilar Powershot S110.

Now I could go on in detail as to the specifications of the Sony RX100 but it’s a bit pointless, the reason? Well quite simply the RX100 trounces the opposition. The Sony RX100 it is by some margin easily currently the best high end, premier compact camera out there. Now I have read some magazine and internet reviews and seen published images which are impressive but you simply don’t get a proper appreciation just how detailed, crisp and plain fabulous images from the RX100 can be. So Are images DSLR rivals? Well at low ISO (i.e. 100 – 400) you’ll be hard pushed to easily tell the difference, whilst in the ISO 800 – 1600 range the RX100 produces images that are not far off those from some compact camera systems. All in all it’s a very impressive performance from the 20mp 1” CMOS sensor.